Ahaumna & Alex Tarris - Is There A Spiritual War Happening You Don't Know About?

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How do we remember who we are?

If we are to look at ourselves as a stream of consciousness, a soul or spirit, then we naturally must acknowledge that there is something bigger at play than just these human bodies and our short time on this earth. Many belief systems or spiritual practices acknowledge the possibility, for some the reality, that there are other dimensions and other lives that we have navigated before (and after) we ever embody these human forms. So where do we really come from, and what knowledge might we have stored in the deepest chambers of our consciousness? 

For this question, there was no better people to discuss with than Ahaumna and Alex Tarris. You may remember Ahuamna from the episode “Is New Age Spirituality Syphoning Energy For The A.I Matrix”, and it was one that frankly blew a lot of minds and raised some deep questions about the current state of our planet and what the reasons and intentions behind it are. This week, I believe, will be no different; as Ahaumna and Alex continue the conversation and bring in further perspectives and clarity on their take of what’s going on cosmically and universally to bring us to this current timeline here on earth.

If you’re scratching your head yet, prepare yourself for a Deep Dive on this week’s episode.