This video shows real people sharing the parts of themselves they have judged and reminding us that we are all human. We can all be insecure and harsh on ourselves. And yet, if we choose to, we can also become our greatest supporter. We can expand our capacity to love others through our ability to love ourselves deeper and deeper. This video is a reminder that you are amazing. I hope it's the motivation for you to begin to treat yourself like someone you love. Every moment, of everyday.

This is the poem that started it all - with over 200 million views all over the globe - it serves as a reminder that the world is ready for greater self-love than ever before.

It really has been the most incredible journey seeing people impacted and connecting so deeply to the "You Are Who You've Been Looking For" poem.

I know you loved the viral poem and that’s why I am excited to announce "You Are Who You've Been Looking For" has now been turned into a song.