Your Imagination is Limiting You

How to achieve greater possibilities

What if I told you that anything that you can imagine is actually a limitation?

I imagine a lot of things to be possible for my life. I believe that I can do basically anything if I really put my mind to it and want it badly enough.

I also realize that what I think is possible is limited to the capacity of my imagination; my brain can only imagine what it knows or has some point of reference for.

So what possibility lies outside of our imaginations?

What’s Possible?

When we say, “Oh, that's possible” or “I could do that,” we are actually talking about our minds ability to create a pattern. We see things in life and therefore make connections and desires based around them. If we didn’t have the knowledge of something’s existence though, we wouldn’t be able to imagine it in our own life.

For example, if I know I enjoy meditation and want to expand my spirituality, I could decide to go live in an ashram for the rest of my lifebecause I know that ashrams exist. Without this prior knowledge I wouldn’t have a reference point.

Since we may not be able to wrap our heads around all the potentialities available to us, our brains cannot actually put the pattern together because there is no reference point to use to actualize the goal.

Therefore, if you want to create bigger dreams and goals for yourself, your job is to find ways to expand the possibilities for your life and your imagination. If we are limited by what we know, we can decrease our limitations by gaining more knowledge.

Continue to Learn

Learning is one of the best ways to discover new ideas, thoughts, and opportunities. It’s important to learn about facts and current issues happening around the world, and also about yourself.

The brain is so powerful that it is constantly creating patterns and working to discover the fastest, most efficient way to a solution. Our brains allow us to visualize the lives we want to live and then bring that into manifestation. If you’re coming home at night and putting mindless reality TV on or not challenging yourself to learn something new on a daily basis, you are wasting your brain’s potential.

In today’s technologically-driven world, we have knowledge at our fingertips. By simply reading articles or listening to podcasts about topics that interest you, you are enlarging your reality and what you think is possible.

By constantly learning, you start to see all the advances happening around the world and start to believe that you can achieve more. You can fill up on new knowledge and information that expands your mind and gives you new reference points.

By learning new things about yourself and outside of yourself, you will unlock whole new fields of possibilities. Your brain will make new patterns for your life and things you never thought possible become more accessible.

Go With the Flow

People doubted the Wright Brothers before they proved the possibility of human flight, but now people are working on developing even faster and better airplanes. They believed and achieved a goal that is now being advanced.

Once you understand that you are more capable than you thought, you get to start designing your life the way you want. You can create new ambitions to work towards, shift, and evolve with.

Through the process of working towards a goal, you are gaining more information which may shift what you actually want. The ability to recalibrate and reevaluate your goals along the way by not staying too attached to anything will actually lead you to more fulfillment and new possibilities.

Very often people will cling too tightly to a specific vision that is no longer their highest excitement. Instead, they are so narrow-focused that they aren’t able to realize that their goal has actually evolved and is potentially leading in a different direction.

By remaining unattached, but still working hard, you get to shape and mold your life as you go along the journey. Your original goal was what you thought was possible at that time, but along the way you may discover that something else is possible and, actually, more desirable.

Instead of staying too attached to the goal, but rather, reassessing when new information comes along, you create more opportunity for yourself.

Expand Your Imagination, Expand Your Limitations

We are constantly being barraged with information. You can use this to your advantage by intentionally seeking out new information that benefits you. Along with practicing introspection, you will become better equipped to succeed in achieving your goals.

It’s okay to shift the direction of your trajectory because you might discover something that you actually enjoy doing more than the original plan. With this flexibility, you can then redirect all your energy and focus on the new dream.

Being unattached to the ultimate result is not the same thing as not giving it your all or not caring. Being unattached still allows you to focus on what you want right now, but also gives you the malleability and willingness to shift your perspective and make the necessary adjustments along the way.

Find freedom in being unattached. Know that along the journey you’re going to continue to learn and discover new possibilities.