Mia Magik - How Do Spiritual People Become Wealthy?

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What is the source of abundance? 

You won’t find me disagreeing with the concept that money is energy. I do believe that it is something that can be attracted to us, or pushed away from us consciously or unconsciously. In the spiritual world it can be a confronting and sometimes controversial topic, as we continue to navigate the adage that money is the root of all evil, a concept that a lot of us grew up hearing. But can you be wealthy and still be spiritual? And what does it really mean to be wealthy in the first place? 

For this discussion I decided to dive deep with my friend Mia Magik; an influencer and entrepreneur herself, who is also a witch and devotes her work and energy to bringing a deep understanding of the abundance that the earth provides and how it translates into all different aspects of our life. We discuss the source of abundance, the purpose of wealth, and a little bit of our own stories of our journeys there. 

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