Marc Angelo Coppola - Is This All One Big Conspiracy Theory?

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Do conspiracy theories even exist anymore? 

Remember not so long ago, when conspiracy theories or conspiracy theorists were seen as crazy tinfoil hat wearing nut jobs that spent too much time preaching about doomsday events, ufo’s and government cover ups and that sort of thing. Well, after the last two years of witnessing the world deal with a global pandemic and how it’s been dealt with, as things that were previously covered up come to light, should we even consider these theories anymore? It’s becoming more and more apparent that we are not exactly privy to all the information out there that really decides how we live as a society, or the systems that dictate some of the most important aspects of life today. One of the major questions of the last two years; What is actually going on here? 

For this conversation I brought entrepreneur, farmer, and story teller Marc Angelo Coppola into a conversation examining the root of what a conspiracy is, are people inherently evil, and what lies underneath this movement of polarization that we’ve seen grow so radically in recent years on our planet. 

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