Kevin Walton - Is There Such Thing As Absolute Truth?

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Do you believe in absolute truth?

On the surface this topic is already a pretty complicated one. But if you start to peel away the layers around this question, I promise you, it starts to go much deeper. It depends on who you talk to, it depends on their experiences, beliefs, religions, and on and on. So what is truth?

I’ve started something new on The Deep Dive, something I’m excited about. I want to ask my guests questions that are somewhat unanswerable and dive into a conversation that exposes not only the unique perspective of the individual, but also the expansive nature of the answer. This week, I was so excited to interview Kevin Walton; transformational coach, speaker, and all around inspirational thinker and motivator. I recently had the opportunity to hear him speak at Sacred Sons, a weekend of mens work led by some of the front running explorers of the subject, and was drawn in by his take on truth and and what it means for our evolution and growth. So I decided to ask him the question on this week’s episode; Does absolute truth even exist?

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