Deep Dive #104 | Matt Belair - The Illusions of Success & Ease

Have you ever felt like a failure? Are you curious about how to gain equanimity over your reactions?

Matt Belair is an author, speaker, conscious leader, and podcast host who helps others to achieve greatness. With a long list of spiritual and physical training, Matt uses his knowledge of martial arts and sports to encourage others to achieve peak performance and reach their full potential in life.

In this episode of The Deep Dive with Adam Roa, Matt and I discuss manifestation, online success, about how we can support each other in the digital age.

“What is up to you is how you respond to [setbacks], and that’s where all of the power is,” says Matt about maintaining control over mind, body, and spirit.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why the reality of success isn’t what it appears to be
  • How imposed identity can create resistance and stop you from creating
  • Why it’s okay to fail in the beginning
  • The missing element most people don’t do for manifestation

Convenience and easiness have become more important in life than taking risks and being vulnerable. It seems that more and more people are afraid of discomfort and are scared to take a leap and create even if that means failure. In response to this, Matt shares that “There’s going to be a point when you’re not good at it and that’s okay.”

Matt talks about how he believes most people are creating their lives by default, unsure of the direction, and therefore, feeling uninspired. It may be easier and safer to stay in the known, but we need to be looking at what it is that’s scaring us and preventing us from our full potential.

If you’ve ever been too afraid to put yourself out there or been paralyzed by failure, then this episode is for you. You’ll hear our own experiences and advice on how Matt and I manifested our success over many years. 


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