Brenden Durell - Is It Harder Being A Man Than A Woman In Modern Times?

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What does it mean to be a man today? 

Ok, be honest. Were you triggered when you read the title of this week’s podcast episode? I get it. Two major topics in today's culture (especially in the personal development space) are the rise of the feminine and mens work, and the line between the two can be a little blurry. The truth is that women have been silenced, objectified, and straight up mistreated in our culture (and others) for way too long and it’s refreshing to see the rise that is happening and the power that is being claimed. What I am noticing however, is how confusing this is making it to be a man today.

Where is the line between toxic masculinity and embodied kingship? What do women actually want in a man? 

For this touchy subject, I chatted with coach, mentor, and speaker Brenden Durell. Brenden has worked with numerous men and women, and was also featured as a coach on the popular Netflix reality series, Too Hot To Handle. The subject of what it means to be a man in today's day and age is an important one, and a very confusing one as well. I believe that we get closer to a healthy answer to that question the more that we open our hearts to the conversation. 

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