Aren Bahia - Does Life Get Better After You Almost Die?

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How would a near-death experience change your life? 

It doesn’t happen to everyone, but for some of us; life can completely change in an instant. We’ve all heard stories of people who have had near death experiences, a sudden accident or illness, something that can change the perspective of what’s really important in life. We hear these stories of the heroic recovery, the dedication and passion for life that is needed, and the new outlook that comes from some of these experiences. But, does that happen for everyone? 

My guest this week is Aren Bahia, a Canadian entrepreneur and coach who has made his life in Bali all about empowering people and businesses. Aren is a pillar for his community, and a beacon of light for those around him, and 8 months ago was hospitalized after a motorcycle accident, unable to walk and almost dying. I’ve been fascinated with Aren’s outlook in general, but wanted to dive a little deeper with him on what has changed for him in the process of his recovery and if there have been any major revelations around purpose or just life itself after such a traumatic experience. 

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