Ahaumna - Is New Age Spirituality Siphoning Energy For The A.I Matrix?

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Are you exploring different truths? 

I’ll start by saying this; you may want to listen to this one twice. For some of you this topic may be confronting, even triggering, especially if this is a new topic that you haven’t had an opportunity to research. For others, this conversation will only be familiar to you if you’ve done some pretty deep exploration and spiritual work, and opened your mind up to the possibilities of the world around us and further into the cosmic reasons for our being here on this earth and in this reality. This week my guest introduces herself as an alien from the future, also known as a walk in, who is dedicating her time in this body to being a guardian for the evolution of humanity at this time. Ahaumna is also a friend of mine who, among normal human experiences like hikes, visits, and events, also was a part of something that I have never really touched on publicly on this podcast; my experience with an exorcism. 

This world, and especially this time in history, is full of information and misinformation that we all have the choice to either believe or disregard. This week I ask you to open your mind to some of the potential truths that may not have been available to you just yet, and allow yourself to feel into what feels true to you. Myself, I’m still in the inquiry of what I believe around this topic. But Ahaumna provides a light into a space that is deep, cosmic, and maybe closer to us than we really realize.

The virus of our time may not be what we think it is. Go deep with us on this week's episode, and I truly am excited to receive your thoughts and your own experiences regarding this disruptive, fantastic, and for some; unbelievable topic. 

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