My Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience Pt. 1

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How far are you willing to go to heal? 

This week it’s just me. Vulnerable and from the heart as I sit in Costa Rica preparing for a week long retreat that will undoubtedly push me to the edge of my comfort zone and probably dig up a lot. I’m heading into what is described as a “spiritual, sexual, shamanic retreat” that is all about sexuality, tantra, intimate connection, and ultimately; authenticity and healing. If you’ve never experienced or entered into this type of work, I can tell you, often it’s not as fun, playful, and self expressive as you might think. Sexual work is hard. It will push you to your edge, and force you to face off with beliefs and wounds that you might not even know you had. 

As I prepare for this experience, this week I wanted to share with you my intentions going into it. There will be a follow up episode on my reflections and take-aways, and for now I want to dive into what I’m hoping to discover this week. What boundaries am I exploring? What fears or preconceptions are present? Sexuality is a deep topic for all of us, and as always, I want to give you a very real and very authentic look into my mindset going into what very possibly could be an expanding and healing experience for me. 

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