Luke Kohen - How Do You Know If You’re A Spiritual Narcissist?

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Does the spiritual community have a narcissism problem? 

We are all in search of answers. Answers to the higher purpose for our life, to the truth about God or consciousness, and much more. The problem with humans is it seems that the closer we get to what we consider to be the answer, the more entitled and invested we become to the “knowledge” itself. Narcissism is an interesting trait, because it almost carries with it the tendency to close our minds and hearts to further growth, or information. When we pretend, or even believe, that we know more than others around us; we run the risk of halting our own growth in the process. 

I see this happening in the spiritual community, as it continues to become more trendy and “IG-worthy”. That’s why I brought my good friend Luke Kohen on to talk a little about his own experience of spiritual growth, and if he sees a risk of narcissism in a community whose core intention should truly be about inviting growth and change for all of us. Luke is an artist, entrepreneur, and someone who I have a high level of respect for because of the journey and work that he’s done in his own spiritual walk. 

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