Connor Beaton - Are Conscious Men Too Soft?

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What does it mean to be masculine? 

So much progress has been made in these last few years around the subject of gender dynamics and making sure that we are all included and acknowledged for both our masculine and feminine energies. We all have both, and neither of these dynamics are tied to one specific gender. Masculine energy isstrong, stable, and self-confident. It is decisive, and loves direction and a purpose. The feminine energy is caring and nurturing, creative and collaborative, grateful and receptive. Understanding these traits within ourselves is an important part of living life with balance, and being our true selves. 

But what happens when we are not allowing ourselves to seek this balance? In a culture where we are often told what it is supposed to look like to be a man or a woman, we can sometimes avoid the energies and dynamics of our yin and yang energies so that we can feel like we fit in, like we are “normal”. That’s why this week I decided to invite Connor Beaton on to the show to discuss what it looks like when men (specifically) are out of balance with both their feminine and masculine sides. Connor is the founder of ManTalks which is an international organization focused on men’s health, wellness, success and fulfillment, and I thought he’d be perfect to help me dive into the question, “Are Conscious Men Too Soft?” 

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