Adam Roa

PERMISSION Album (Digital Download)

New Immersive Music Experience.

PERMISSION is a way to connect people to themselves and to each other in ceremony. The album takes listeners on a journey through many aspects of the human condition and provides a call for responsibility for ourselves and the collective as a whole.

Providing an honest look at the world we’ve built and are currently living in.

This album guides you to take ownership of your actions and empowers you to make epic shifts in your life as you create a reality based out of love.

Track Previews:

    "You Are Who You've Been Looking For"

    Watch the Music Video on YouTube and Hear the Single on Spotify or Apple Music.

    This is a fun and hip approach to personal development.

    PERMISSION covers deep topics such as emotional intelligence, abundance and scarcity mindset, and helps shift your perception while instilling you with a deep sense of love and remembrance of your true nature.

    Do you want to deepen your ability to love yourself? Are you interested in helping shift the planet into a more loving reality?

    The path of discovering your true self does not need to be boring. Using my artistic expression, let me teach you how to grow and expand on your exploration of becoming the best version of yourself.

    PERMISSION is not just a set of music tracks.

    This is a ceremonial listening experience taking you on a journey that integrates original music composition, spoken word poetry, and storytelling to create a personal development experience unlike any other.

    This album was designed to be experienced in ceremony. I invite you to hold your own listening experiences and start a discussion afterwards. At the end of the day, nothing shifts unless we’re willing to talk about it with an open mind. This is an opportunity to set an intention and bring people together to share art in a communal environment. By listening together, we can drop into ceremony and combine intention with action.

    I am finally releasing this album after many years of hard work because I full-heartedly believe it can help shift the world we live in. It was created through inspiration and love, and a desire to provide a modern and more accessible way for people to enjoy the personal development journey through art.