Gerard Adams - What’s More Important For Happiness: Money or Creativity?

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We’ve all heard the saying; Money can’t buy happiness. It’s an age old debate centered around the value of material wealth verses peace and contentment. The idea that money not only can’t buy you happiness, but in fact distracts from true happiness, is an interesting topic that I think deserves more discussion. It’s been called the root of all evil, but is that really the truth?

This week I dive deep into another discussion around a question that probably doesn’t have an answer, with a respected entrepreneur and new close friend of mine Gerard Adams. I found a lot in common with Gerard, not only from a place of being financially successful in our lives but also from a similar experience of our journey to find self value and true self love.

There’s been an element of experiencing financial freedom that has allowed the two of us to feel creatively free as well, and this week I thought that it deserved a discussion about where we draw our value and how we use the wealth that we accumulate in our lives, whether that is financial or otherwise.

Where do you find your wealth?

I invite you to join the discussion with myself and Gerard Adams on this week’s episode of the Deep Dive. Also, to join Gerard and I in a four month immersive experience in how to infuse your business or project with some high level conscious entrepreneurial spirit shoot me a DM on instagram saying “I’m Ready” or head to to apply today. 

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