The Biggest Lesson From My Ayahuasca Retreat

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What does it take to really grow? 

A few weeks ago I led a retreat with my good friend Gerard Adams in the jungles of Peru where we Dove about as Deep as one can go, in my opinion, and sat with Ayahuasca. Though I have sat with the medicine many times in my life, this experience itself was a first for me in that we were actually guided through the process of harvesting and making the medicine. The connection that this provided was powerful for everyone in the group, and though it was a beautiful and expansive experience, it left me in a place of deep integration that has been challenging. 

This week I want to talk about my experience not only with the plant medicine, but also what it has brought up and why I have found it one of the more challenging integrations after a ceremony that I’ve been through. These types of medicine journeys are always confronting, healing, and particularly when we are going through times of transition in our lives they can bring to the surface much more than we might know is actually going on within us. Let me tell you all about it, on this week’s episode. 

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