Oto Gomes - Why Should Anyone Care About Cryptocurrency?

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Do you understand crypto-currency? 

It’s been a pretty huge topic of conversation in the last few years. The emergence of alternative currencies that are aiming to decentralize what the banking system currently controls. Money. It seems like even though it can be a bit of an up and down investment experience, those that know about cryptocurrencies are confident that it is an innovative opportunity to take power back and put the control of our financial system in the hands of the public. 

So why isn’t everyone investing in crypto? 

This week I’m joined by Oto Gomes, an expert in the crypto space as well as a heart centered entrepreneur who brings awareness to the foundations of crypto and helps us to understand a little more about why we should at least know what cryptocurrencies are offering, and why so many people believe that they are the future of finance. 

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