Deep Dive #106 | Jenna Phillips Ballard - The Shift From Woman To Mother

What does it mean to be a mother? How can men support women in the journey to and through motherhood?

Jenna Phillips Ballard is a coach, speaker, and co-founder of Ascension Leadership Academy. She is on a mission to change the lives of millions and empower others to love themselves and create an unforgettable life.


In this episode ofThe Deep Dive with Adam Roa,Jenna and I dive deep into the profound shifts she has experienced as a female entrepreneur after recently becoming a mother. Jenna talks about how she works to find the balance between self-care and showing up and supporting her newborn son.

“It has been the most incredible, transformational, powerful, explosive, interruptive, elevating, expansive experience in my life.” Jenna is not short in adjectives, or awe, as she describes the magnitude in which motherhood has changed her.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How your priorities change after motherhood
  • What we must physiologically access as mothers and humans in order to keep the species alive
  • How men can support women with pregnancy and motherhood
  • Why giving birth is the closest thing to dying

Jenna is a huge proponent for self-love and putting her oxygen mask on first so she is equipped and able to take care of her son. She realizes that she has been reborn through the process of motherhood, stating that there is a dying of an old paradigm and that who she was as a woman is now shifting and expanding.

If you’re someone who struggles with self-care, then this episode is for you. Jenna shares about her awareness of what is happening and how her priorities have changed. Listen to how Jenna questions her self-identity and personal needs and how she is redesigning her relationships with herself and her husband.

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