Aubert Bastiat - Are Men To Blame For All Of The Worlds Problems?

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What’s wrong with men?

I’ll start by saying this; Mens work is real, and mens work is necessary in this day and age. As a man I know that I’ve been affected by the trauma of a wounded masculine dynamic, I know many brothers that have been as well, and I can’t help but wonder how far this wounding goes back and how it continues to effect our world today. Men have been mostly to blame for the violent crimes, human violations, and over all problems (physical, spiritual, even financial) that are present in our human history; past and present.

So what is the cause of this wounding?

This week on The Deep Dive I speak with my friend and brother from the Sacred Sons gathering I recently experienced; mentor, trainer, facilitator, husband, and father, Aubert Bastiat. Aubert has dedicated his life to mens work, an exploration of how men and masculine energy can truly show up in their place on this planet to do the good work that they, and we, were meant to do. So this week I ask him another Deep Diving, almost unanswerable question.

Are men to blame for all the worlds problems?

Yes or no, masculine or feminine, I believe we all get to connect and grow together a little further. I hope this podcast, and this conversation with this incredible leader of the work, will help to get us all further to the answer an the solution.

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