Ali Katz - Money, Sex, & Power: Is It Wrong To Want It All?

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What is your relationship with abundance? 

There is a spin that can be put on the pleasures of life that isn’t always positive. As human beings who are working towards more love, more acceptance, and over all a less complicated experience of life; the belief that a desire for money, sex, or power, is actually harming our society, our planet, and ourselves. I totally agree that the unbalanced use of these energies has been detrimental to many aspects of our history and our current experience, and like any other addiction, when left unchecked these can be extremely damaging and harmful to ourselves and others. Balance is the key, and also true understanding of what these energies mean and how they can be used as a tool. To experience abundance, we first need to understand what an abundant or prosperous mindset really is. 

For this conversation, I invited my friend Ali Katz: lawyer, entrepreneur, mom, and a good friend of mine who has experienced many levels of what it means to be abundant. The conversation around money, sex, power, and especially the desire for it can seem to bring up resistance, and as I had this conversation I even noticed that type of programming still present in myself. But if you aren’t willing to explore the topic of this type of prosperity mindset, is it possible to ever really experience it? 

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