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Limited Qty. Only 111 Boxes Created

Your Ceremony Box Includes:

  • The PERMISSION Album (digital download)
  • The Album Artwork
  • An Aromatic Candle
  • Custom Matches
  • An Exclusive Journal and Pen Set
  • 1lb Ceremonial KAKAO
  • Exclusive PERMISSION Essential Oil
  • Reusable Tin

Ceremony Box Available to ship to the US only.

Give Yourself PERMISSION to Sit in Ceremony

Everything you need to share this artistic event and album journey with your loved ones

For those of you ready to create a ceremony experience, I’ve constructed a kit to support your listening of the album. When you get the Ceremony Box you get access to: the album, the album art, an aromatic candle, matches, an exclusive journal and pen set, ceremonial KAKAO, and a grounding essential oil.

These were are all thoughtfully made for this ceremony box, designed to provide you and your loved ones with the most profound experience as you empower yourselves to take ownership of your realities. If you want to discover the ultimate ceremonial listening immersive experience in your own home, then this exclusive Ceremony Box will guide you through the process and provide you with all the tools necessary to up-level the ceremony to open your hearts and connect with each other. Are you ready to help shift the collective perspective into a more loving existence?

Ceremonial-Grade Kakao

Cacao is a sacred plant medicine known for its unique and special ability to open and soften the heart. It works synergistically with the body to help calm and relax the nervous system, inspire creativity, and allow for heart-centered emotional expression. Simply put, cacao is heart medicine, but not all cacao is created equal.

Fly KAKAO is ceremonial-grade, meaning they use only those native strains that were originally created by Mother Earth herself, without any alterations by man. These strains are rare and only found growing wild in some of the most remote locations in Central and South America. This also means that this cacao is minimally processed so that the original essence & vibration of each cacao bean we use is maintained from start to finish in the process. Ceremonial-grade means that the cacao is cultivated with intention, from tree to cup, in partnership with the Spirit of Cacao. Each batch of KAKAO is blessed with the frequencies of love, light, grace, and compassion for the human experience.

1 pound (Approx. 12 servings) 100% Peruvian, Ceremonial-Grade cacao beans.

PERMISSION Ceremonial-Grade Essential Oil

Permission is a hand-blended ceremony oil made with sustainably sourced, aromatherapy grade essential oils of frankincense, white sage, palo santo, organic lavender, organic cedarwood, and organic ylang ylang, and supercritically extracted myrrh oil, in a light base of organic fractionated coconut oil.

Frankincense and sage lead the way to an aromatic meditative experience, leaving the sweet notes of cedarwood to finish as the aroma dries down. Selected specifically for their ability to ground and uplift, while increasing mindfulness and higher states of consciousness, these oils help clear your mind to receive the potent message of PERMISSION. Carry with you or use at your altar to enhance your spiritual practice of presence.

The 10 ml roller ball bottle allows for easy application to your inner wrists and temples. Apply and inhale the oil from your wrists as you breathe into your belly to relax your body and become mindfully present.

PERMISSION has been created as a ceremonial listening experience.

I invite you to listen to it intentionally and would love to hear about your experience with the PERMISSION album. leave a testimonial about your ceremony experience and help create a global tribe of change.

Please help us spread this medicine to the world by sharing about your experience on social media using #PermissionAlbum.