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PERMISSION Essential Oil

Adam has collaborated with the team from Dreaming in the Chrysalis to deliver you The Permission Essential Oil blend. An oil intentionally designed with love to take you into a deeper listening experience of the Permission Album.

In indigenous ceremonies there are a number of plants that are regularly used to help clear energy and set powerful intentions. With the PERMISSION Essential Oil I wanted to bring a number of those plants together in a beautiful scent that is capable of clearing old energy.

Fragrance Blend (Ingredients):

  • frankincense
  • white sage
  • palo santo
  • organic lavender
  • organic cedarwood
  • organic ylang ylang
  • super-critically extracted myrrh oil
  • light base of organic fractionated coconut oil

Become mindfully present.

This mixture of carefully selected essential oils is really powerful to help support the nervous system and the setting of a new intention. PERMISSION essential oil blend is easily transportable and can be used at any point of the day. It can be a part of your meditation practice and even shared with others. It will help bring you into a state of presence as you take a moment to literally stop and breathe and become more present in the moment.

This unique essential oil blend is a gift for the owner as well as for whomever they choose to share it with. It's perfect to use in your sacred space as you allow the sage, lavender, and other clearing scents to increase your presence and help you to move forward. Let PERMISSION essential oil blend be your permission slip and support you as you set your powerful new intention for 2020.

Frankincense and sage lead the way to an aromatic meditative experience, leaving the sweet notes of cedarwood to finish as the aroma dries down. Selected specifically for their ability to ground and uplift, while increasing mindfulness and higher states of consciousness, these oils help clear your mind to receive the potent message of PERMISSION.

This 10 ml roller ball bottle allows for easy application to your inner wrists and temples. Apply and inhale the oil as you breathe into your belly to relax your body and become mindfully present.